Simple Easy to find and read Can save your life Fits in your wallet or purse

The adrenal emergency card

In an emergency you may not be able to speak and give vital information to alert others about your special health needs. Medical providers must sometimes treat emergency patients without having basic medical information about the individual or any way to contact someone who could provide vital information.

In an emergency, having the correct medical information on hand can save lives.
Always be ready for an emergency!

The Card

Download the card you want. Take it to a print shop or print it at home and have it laminated.

Type of Cards available

This Card includes medical information to avoid a life-threatening adrenal crisis.

Available in 5 languages. Front and reverse. Español -  Catalán – Euskera - Gallego and English

Cards available HERE to download.

Your Emergency Medical Card can be invaluable to attending medics or other medical personnel providing treatment. Keep this card with your identification, driver´s license or vehicle registration, in your wallet or purse, so that it is available to police and other first responders in case of emergency.